If you got so far as to click on my bio you must want to know something about me. Your loss as now you get to read more random scribbling about who am I. Depending upon whom you ask I am many things, a crazy lunatic, as sane as they come, a husband to an absolutely beautiful wife (I definitely married way up), a father to two beautiful, incredibly intelligent and athletic girls, owner of a slight crazy dog addicted to dust, a pack rat, comic book reader, TV addict, movie addict, football (I stopped calling it soccer when I actually got to see it played at its highest level in England) playing, Manchester United Loving, EPL watcher, photographer who absolutely loves gadgets.

At one time in my life I was an avid writer and part of this blog is to fulfill the want and need to get back to it. I wrote an actual novel as my senior thesis for Mechanical Engineering (you can bet my thesis advisor looked at me a little funny when I explained it was a fictional novel that had nothing to do with mechanical engineering) that somehow ended up getting an A. It still exists on the hard drive of a friend of mine in Massachusetts where I had backed it up to make sure I was okay if my external 20mb hard drive of my Mac Plus died (plus I have the hard copy and another electric copy although not a single machine in my house has a 3 ½ in floppy drive).

I stopped real writing a long time but my first love before that was gadgets. Didn’t matter what it was as long as it did something cool. I wasn’t always the first one to own one but boy did I have fun with them when I got them. You don’t want to know how many Walkmans I actually took apart and actually got back together. It may have been how my love for computers was stoked so early on. The first computer I ever worked on was a Commodore 4048 with a tape drive. I actually wrote an invisible space invaders game on it and that led to me buying a Commodore 64 after they came out with my own money. This led to many adventures and when I got a Mac Plus  (hand me down from my brother) when I went to college I was in heaven.

Since those days I have never left the technology field even if sometimes it was just part time outside of my real job. About 14 years ago I started in on technology as a full time job and worked as a technology coordinator for a school system. From there I moved a year later into the financial industry in NYC where I was an email architect down by Wall Street. Exciting times, scary when the Towers fell, but that led to some of the most compelling 2 weeks of work in my life – recovering an email system for a financial company working with some incredibly talented and special people. Alas – it also led to a little burn out. This was also the place where I got to use the very first model of a blackberry and the ensuing models – certain fed my gadget desire. From there I took 6 months off and then started working at a pharmaceutical company in NJ where I led the x86/Microsoft Server team for almost 8 years. During that time I have been testing different devices for the email team and others to further fulfill my craving.

That leads us to today where I am now heading the mobility group in the Global Industrialization and Engineering group in this pharmaceutical company and I have more gadgets than I could possible carry. It is a rare day that I am not carrying at least two phones and two different tablets if not more more.