Appifying the Enterprise

by Brian Katz on February 13, 2012 · 2 comments

We’ve gone through 2 blog posts now discussing Apps and Crapplications and what makes one different from the other. Why is it so important to understand these concepts? Understanding these concepts will let you in on the secret of how big enterprises as well as little ones can succeed moving into the future.

Apps aren’t the only thing that enterprises need to be doing to be successful as they will rely on cloud and big data but apps will be the third leg of the tripod that they will stand on. (let’s not argue mobile as a leg itself yet, but, yes, it will turn the tripod into a chair)

The biggest thing that enterprises should take away from mobile and apps right now is a new way of enabling their employees to go about their daily business and get things done. It is truly no longer acceptable to give your employees crapplications to accomplish their daily tasks. The era of the monolithic application to perform tasks is done and over. Employees want to streamline their work so they can be more efficient and focus on what needs to be accomplished.

The same way that an app is architected for a mobile device needs to be carried back to the laptops/desktops of the world so users can gain the same efficiencies no matter what device they use. Apps need to be architected to take advantage of the cloud so that they are available everywhere and they need to be able to access big data but, and this is the crux of the argument, if it requires too much work to get the answers/accomplish the task then the enterprise has failed. Their employees will do everything in their power to not use tools that make it more difficult to get their work completed.

There’s nothing wrong with building the app to take advantage of the device whatever it may be but one has to be careful of the scope creep that drives apps towards crapplications. Through the use of hybrid apps, where one uses HTML 5 to present the data but native functionality to enable device APIs, apps can drive the enterprise to new heights whether or not they have completely figured out their mobile strategy. This means that current crapplications need to be rewritten taking the user into account. It is truly a new way to develop an app, which starts with a focus on the user by taking their user experience into account.

We can already see this starting to take place at SAP among other places. They announced last month that they were simplifying their web sites and all encompassing apps to make them easier to use. The all in one portals and monolithic applications of the past will make way for new simplified interfaces designed for efficiency and getting work done.

This is how the standard of the app will power all enterprises, large and small, to be even more successful moving forward. Their employees will use the device that fits the moment to do the task at hand and will have higher morale and more excitement about their job and where their company is going.

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MaribelLopez February 14, 2012 at 7:14 pm

Another point. Not all apps should be mobile. Also, Isn’t IT trying to mobilize a process, task or workflow?


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